Creating Traction in Winter Conditions

With the cold, winter months ahead, prepping for snow and ice now can relieve stress and urgency come snow day. Snow tires, antifreeze and small shovels are all necessary items for surviving a harsh winter on the road. But, have you considered sand? We’ve all seen drivers fishtail on slick winter roads. Fortunately, SAKRETE® Tube Sand can help by creating additional traction for your vehicle.

Traction is a function of a lot of things; the weather, the condition of the road, the tire tread, the car's suspension, the weight of the car, to name just a few. That’s why it is a good idea to stock your vehicle with a few bags on tube sand in the winter months. Tube sand can help with traction control by adding weight to your car or by providing a gritty surface on which to drive.

Make a slick surface gritty for added traction

If you want to improve traction, they make specific sand that you can use for adding traction to your driveway. Play sand could, at times, be somewhat beneficial (compared to nothing), but it’s in the kitty litter category when compared to more robust types of “tube sand.

Add weight to your rear-wheel drive vehicle

Even if you don’t plan on it, many people think that a few bags of leftover play sand or kitty litter would work well as added weight for traction in the winter weather. Instead of repurposing another product, think of one that is purposefully made for the job. Tube sand stored above the rear axle in your car or truck adds weight, which adds stability on winter roads. SAKRETE Tube Sand is durable for rough winter conditions with a resealable bag to allow for multiple uses without letting moisture in.

Tube sand is what you’re going to want to get to provide traction, add texture to icy surfaces, have on hand for flood control, and so on. It’s a great ballast for the back of your car or truck. It’s great for putting in fence posts and installing sports equipment, too, once springtime comes.

Tube sand is an easy and affordable option when prepping for winter roads. Learn more about SAKRETE tube sand here.



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