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Another Successful Playground Build for the BVC and The Sakrete Team

If you have been following our Press Release page this year you’ve seen that we presented the Carolina Panthers with a $3100 check for the Sakrete Sack Program back in January. This program makes those donations on behalf of the Panthers to the Charlotte-area Business Volunteer Council (BVC), a coalition of local businesses that promote volunteerism. The BVC uses those donation dollars for the Charlotte Playground Build Program which Sakrete is a loyal supporter. We are thrilled to bring to you our newest “In the Community” segment covering that annual event.

We cannot stress enough how thrilled we are to be a part of this program and how we look forward to it every year. This was the 9th annual Playground Build for the BVC and the 5th year of Sakrete sponsorship.

“Being part of a playground build in our local community is one way in which we can give back,” said Johnsie Beck, president of SAKRETE® North America. “This is the fifth year we’ve sponsored the SAKRETE® Sack Program and every year we look forward to spending the day with other volunteers to build an amazing playground.”

Along with the monetary donation of $3,100 from the Sakrete Sack Program, The Sakrete Team also made product donations to the BVC which was used toward the playground build at Winding Springs Elementary School. Sakrete donations consisted of volunteers to help with the build, 5 pallets (280 / 50 lb bags) of SAKRETE’s® Fast Setting Concrete Mix, 25 / 60 lb bags of Sakrete High Strength Concrete Mix and donated by our sister company, Oldcastle Lawn and Garden division was 23 pallets (1610 bags) of mulch.

The playground build was April 13, 2011 and along with The Sakrete Team there were 49 other sponsoring businesses volunteering their donations of time and money. Close to 200 volunteers gave their time throughout the day and with their help the playground was erected in 7 short hours.
It’s hard to put into words the experience of being involved with these annual playground builds. There is a lot of work being done and a lot of people in one confined space yet without a hitch these awesome playgrounds come alive right before your eyes! You can feel the excitement from the children from grades Pre -K thru the 5th as they parade not far from the work site and cheer on the volunteers. It is touching to feel their enthusiasm and gratitude as they can’t seem to find an end to how many times they thank you throughout the day.

This annual playground build is a very rewarding service to the community for our team and we are proud to be an active sponsor and volunteer. We encourage each of you to get involved in your community.

We hope you enjoy the photos below showing the progress of the day:
             Start of the Day - 8 am                                                                        Mid - Morning Photos
               Time for lunch break                                                            Just a bit after returning from lunch
                               Approaching mid-afternoon - Getting closer!!!!!                              Playground Build Completed by 3pm

The playground was not used at Winding Springs Elementary until the children returned from spring break which was Monday, April 25th. The reports we gathered from the staff when we returned for the pictures below was that Monday was a very exciting day for each class. So exciting that the staff had a hard time keeping them in their single file lines to the playground site.


Off to the side of the playground is an area the staff calls "The Teaching Garden"