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Bonding and Curing Agents

Sakrete bonding and curing agents are designed to enhance the performance of Sakrete concrete mixes and repair products.

Concrete Curing Agents
Cold weather extends concrete set times. If your application requires fast return to service try Sakrete Cement Mix Accelerator for fast return to service.

Concrete Bonding Agents
Save time when repairing existing concrete or masonry surfaces with Sakrete Concrete Glue. To bond new concrete to existing concrete typically requires roughing the existing surface. With Sakrete Concrete Glue you can bond directly to the existing surface without any additional work.

Sakrete also offers Bonder & Fortifier, which can be used as an additive or brush-applied, to improve the adhesion of new concrete to existing concrete. Bonder & Fortifier offers the added benefits of improved strength, impact and abrasion resistance.

Concrete Sealer
If enhanced curing and protection of concrete surfaces is necessary,
SAKRETE Cure’n Seal is two products in one. It helps protect and seal concrete surfaces from grease, salts and acids and improves the ability of the concrete to repel water and is used as a curing agent.