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Curing Agents

Sakrete offers a few items to choose from for aid in curing concrete. Sakrete Cure’n Seal can be applied undiluted after new concrete has hardened and is best when applied in 2 even, thin applications. When used in this manner, Cure’n Seal reduces the need for wet curing the area in warm, dry, windy weather and improves strength, wear resistance and durability, while reducing shrinkage.

Sakrete Bonder & Fortifier is a latex co-polymer with dual application types. Either a paint-on bonder (straight from the bottle) or as a fortifier/ admixture (mixed 1:1 with water). When used as a bonder, it improves the bond between new and old concrete. Fortifier/admixture: When used as a fortifier/admixture, it improves tensile and flexural strength, resistance to water penetration and freeze/thaw damage, reduces shrinkage and the need for wet curing, as well as improving the bond strength.

Sakrete Cement Mix Accelerator is a calcium chloride based product designed to accelerate concrete, mortar or any portland cement based product. Cement Mix Accelerator can be used when a rapid set is desired or when freezing temperatures are anticipated.

Sakrete Set Accelerator is used to accelerate set times of bagged mixes, such as Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix or Sand Mix. Simply add the entire container contents thoroughly to the mix and achieve an accelerated set time.