Mortars and Stucco

Sakrete masonry mortars and stucco mixes are contractor grade products formulated for use in laying brick, block or stone for load bearing applications. Sakrete mortar mixes are available in Type N and Type S strengths.

Stucco Mixes
For stucco applications, Sakrete offers stucco mixes for scratch, brown and finish coat applications.

Specialty Mortars
Sakrete also offers a number of specialty products including Stone Veneer Mortar, Glass Block Mortar and Surface Bonding Cement.

Sakrete Stone Veneer Mortar is polymer modified for enhanced bond strength when adhering natural or artificial stone veneer to vertical substrates. Sakrete Glass Block Mortar is formulated for glass block installations and provides white mortar joints and reduced mold growth.

For the construction of dry stack block walls, masonry reinforcement or masonry applications where water resistance is needed, use Sakrete Surface Bonding Cement. This material is available in white or gray. Surface Bonding Cement is a fibered, structural coating for enhancing the strength of masonry walls.