Sakrete Bonder & Fortifier is a dual use product. Brush on applications for bonding directly to concrete surfaces or use as an additive for superior strengthening and added adhesion. For ultimate adhesion properties, use as a brush on and as an admixture.

Concrete Bonder & Fortifier

Dual use product that can be brush applied to old concrete surfaces to improve the bonding of new concrete to old, and can be used as an additive to concrete mix to increase its adhesion, impact strength and abrasion resistance.

  • Add strength to your concrete project, or bond new concrete to old concrete.
  • Dilute to use as an admixture.
  • Can be brushed from the bottle for bonding applications.
  • Ready to use.

Availability of products may vary by region.

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
12/case 1qt. 60205000 7-64661-18616-8
4/case 1gal. 60205002 7-64661-18564-2