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Sakrete Flo-Coat is a flowable product used to rejuvenate old concrete surfaces. It's a great alternative to expensive concrete replacement.

Flo-Coat Resurfacer

A polymer modified, flowable resurfacing material for making old concrete surfaces look new again.

  • Highly flowable material for resurfacing large areas of concrete.
  • Makes old, worn concrete look like new.
  • Easy to apply with a lightweight squeegee.
  • Polymer modified for superior bonding strength.

 View our Stenciling Concrete with Sakrete Flo-Coat Resurfacer Video             Customer submitted / Flo-Coat Project

Availability of products may vary by region.

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
N/A 20 lb pail 65450007 7-64661-50007-0
N/A 40 lb pail 65450034 7-64661-17405-9
N/A 40 lb bag 65450019 7-64661-17440-0