SakreteĀ® Cold Lap Cement is a premium, brush or squeegee grade, waterproof adhesive made from asphalt, solvents, and organic fibers.

Cold Lap Cement

Cold Lap Cement is a semimastic liquid adhesive for applying saturated felt and roll roofing materials.


  • Premium brush or squeegee grade wateproof adhesive
  • Quick-setting, cold applied when hot-mopped applications are impractical
  • Safer than hot asphalt - elimates burn and fire hazards
  • More flexible in cold weather

Use For:

  • Adhering rolled roofing and saturated roofing felt
  • Sealing nails and nail holes

Availability of products may vary by region.

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
4/case .9 gal 60330206 0-50605-00557-3
36/pallet 4.75 gal 60330016 0-50605-00556-6