Sakrete Portland Cement Type I & II is used to make custom concrete mixes where 2-inch thickness or more is needed.

Portland Cement Type I-II

Portland Cement I/II is one of key components in making concrete and portland/lime mortars. When mixed with sand and coarse aggregate it produces concrete. When mixed with lime and mason sand it produces mortar.

Use For:

  • Custom concrete mixes for both concrete slabs or for repairs where the concrete will be at least 2” (51 mm) thick.
  • Custom mortars where adjusting the portland to lime ratio allows for both higher or lower strengths.

Availability of products may vary by region.

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
80 47lb. bag 65150087 0-88946-00256-2
42 94lb. bag 65150083 0-88946-00140-4