SakreteĀ® Fibered Roof Coating is formulated from refined higher softening point asphalt, non-asbestos reinforcing fibers and petroleum solvents.

Roof Coating - Fibered

Sakrete Fibered Roof Coating is formulated to dry more quickly than standard grade products and is less susceptible to oxidative degradation. The coatings consistency is maintained to provide easy brushing qualities with sufficient stability to avoid running or sagging when applied as directed.

  • Provides an economical means of recoating and preserving smooth surface asphalt roofs
  • Periodic recoating can prolong service life many years.
  • Deteriorated roofs can often be restored with the use of polyester fabric and select asphalt coatings

Availability of products may vary by region.

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
4/case .9 gal 60330205 0-50605-00547-4
36/pallet 4.75 gal 60330008 0-50605-00546-7