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Sakrete Top'n Bond is a material used for patching, repairing or resurfacing concrete surfaces.

A polymer modified, sand and cement repair mortar for the resurfacing and patching of worn or chipped concrete surfaces. Superior bonding strength means long-lasting repairs.

  • A unique concrete patch, repair and resurfacing material.
  •  Fortified with polymers for superior bonding of patches and repairs.
  • Apply in layers from ½ inch down to a feather edge.
  • Apply with a trowel or as a brush coat over larger areas.
  • Make old concrete surfaces look new again.
  • Available in white.
  • Just add water.

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Availability of products and colors may vary by region.

          *This product can be known as Concrete Resurfacer in certain markets of the U.S.

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
(Concrete Resurfacer) 40 lb bag 65050017 7-64661-16540-8
4/case 10 lb tub - white 65450035 7-64661-16810-2
4/case 10 lb tub - gray 65455001 0-50605-00143-8
2/case 20 lb tub - gray 65450018 7-64661-15120-3
36/pallet 40 lb bag - white 65450037 7-64661-16740-2
36/pallet 40 lb bag - gray 60201130 0-50605-00144-5