Sakrete Trowelable Blacktop Patch repairs cracks up to 1" in asphalt to stop water penetration.

Trowelable Blacktop Patch

Trowelable Blacktop Patch can be used directly from the container. Smooths unsightly rough alligator cracking on pavement surfaces. Adheres tightly to sides of properly prepared cracks and joints to help keep out moisture, reducing pavement break-up caused by freeze-thaw action.


  • Ready-to-use, workable mix
  • Helps keep out moisture caused by freeze-thaw action

Use For:

  • Filling and sealing cracks up to 1” wide in concrete or blacktop surfaces
  • Repairing rough surfaces in blacktop driveways, and parking areas less than 2 ft2

Availability of product may vary by region

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
6/case 1 gal. can 60450006 7-64661-31264-2