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Sakrete Type S Mortar/Stucco Mix is a contractor grade product for laying brick, block or stone. It can also be used as a scratch or brown coat in stucco applications.

Mortar-Stucco Mix Type S

Type S mortar/stucco mix, used for the laying of brick, block and stone in load-bearing walls and construction above and below grade.

  • Contractor grade mortar mix.
  • Smooth, buttery blend for laying brick, block and stone in load-bearing walls above and below grade level.
  • Can be used as a stucco scratch and brown coat.
  • Available in white in some regions.
  • Just add water.

Availability of products may vary by region.

Units/Pallet Size Product # UPC #
N/A 50 lb (white pail) 65300846 N/A
N/A 10 lb (plastic bag) 65302881 7-64661-13160-1
NA 25 kg 100021875 7-78197-01003-3
80 40 lb bag - white 65300043 7-64661-13940-9
80 40 lb bag - gray 65300042 7-64661-13240-0
56 60 lb bag - gray 65300024 7-64661-13160-1
42 80 lb bag - gray 65302880 7-64661-13080-2