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Asphalt Patch & Repair

Asphalt repair projects are easy with Sakrete Blacktop Maintenance and Repair products. Surface cleaning is a critical step prior to making repairs. Use Concrete & Asphalt Cleaner to lessen or remove those driveway stains.

Once the repair areas are clean and you are ready to fill those cracks and smooth out those small blacktop imperfections, know that Sakrete has a crack repair product for you. Choose from Blacktop Crack Filler, Blacktop Repair Tube and Trowelable Blacktop Patch.

Need to patch holes in asphalt pavement? Sakrete offers one of the easiest to use, most environmentally friendly asphalt repair products on the market.

With up to 60 percent recycled material and no oily mess, U.S. Cold Patch is safe and easy to handle. Simply pour in the hole and tamp or drive over for a permanent repair. U.S. Cold Patch cures by compaction rather than evaporation so there are no harmful odors.