Masonry Construction & Repair

Masonry Wall Construction and Repair using Type S Mortar

Our Type S Mortar/Stucco Mix is a high strength, contractor grade blend for laying brick, block or stone, particularly in load-bearing applications. We show you how to construct a block wall using our Type S Mortar Mix. Need to repair a mortar joint? Sakrete Type S Mortar can also be used to tuckpoint mortar joints. Both projects, wall construction and mortar joint repair, are featured here.

Mortarless Block Walls using Surface Bonding Cement

You can also construct block walls without mortar joints. Simply coat both sides of a block wall using Sakrete Surface Bonding Cement. You can construct a wall that is just as strong as a wall with mortar joints using Surface Bonding Cement. Find out how mortarless wall construction works.

Stone Veneer Installation

Sakrete Stone Veneer Mortar is a quality-consistent, polymer modified blend for installing stone in vertical applications. Stone veneer requires mortar with sufficient bond strength to securely hold stone set in vertical applications. Since Stone Veneer Mortar is polymer modified, it’s a great choice for any stone veneer application. Learn the installation basics for stone veneer.