Repairing Cracked or Damaged Concrete

Repairing Cracked or Chipped Concrete

Over time, concrete can crack for a number of reasons including settlement, overloading, poor construction or the washing out of the ground under the concrete. Sakrete Top'n Bond is designed to repair cracks in concrete.

Other damage that can occur includes chipped corners, especially on concrete steps. Sakrete Fast Setting Cement Patcher offers an easy way to repair and restore corners to like-new condition. Find out how with our video on Fast Setting Cement Patcher.

Repairing Spalled Concrete

Concrete can also spall as the surface around the aggregate flakes off exposing the aggregate. The problem usually starts as a small area and continues to grow with time and exposure to weather, traffic and deteriorating chemicals, such as deicing salts. Depending on the severity of the damage, Sakrete Top'n Bond or Flo-Coat Resurfacer are ideal repair solutions.