Sakrete Paver Set Polymeric Sand is specially formulated for paver joints. Unlike regular sand, Paver Set is polymer modified to create strong, flexible joints.

This video shows you the best method for installing Paver Set.

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Filling Joints in Pavers using Sakrete Paver Set

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Video Transcript

Sakrete Paver Set is designed to replace common sand, which is often found between pavers. It can be used on brand new paver instillations or on pavers that have been in place for years, pavers that harden instantly to help deter weeds and insects yet remains flexible enough to move with the pavers. When installing Paver Set on existing pavers, begin by removing all existing material between the pavers using a pressure washer. Remove the sand to the full depth of the paver and make certain that all weeds have been removed. When installing Paver Set on existing pavers, it is important to remove all dirt, sap and other debris from the face of the pavers. Using a cleaner, vigorously apply and scrub until they are clean, once the pavers are completely dry, and everything has been removed from between the pavers, it is time to install the Paver Set. Direct as much of the Paver Set into the joints as possible. After the Paver Set has been placed between all joints, use a broom to remove all of the Paver Set from the service, this is a critical step. If any dust or dirt is allowed to remain on the surface, the risk of staining is high. The fastest, most effective way to remove excess Paver Set is with a leaf blower. Hold the blower at waist level and place the tip level just slightly above the pavers. After the Paver Set has been applied it is helpful to tap on the pavers to consolidate the material into the joints. The final step in the process is to gently mist the pavers. Use a wide, general motion and avoid spraying directly into the joints. Do not allow water to pool on the joints, this will cause the polymers to float out onto the pavers. Spray the pavers for several minutes allowing the pavers to soak in, then repeat the process three or four times over a one hour period. Restrict access to the pavers for a twenty four hour period. Paver Set will become increasingly hard over the next few days.

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