Sakrete U.S. Cold Patch is an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly cold asphalt patching product.

U.S. Cold Patch is easy to apply. Simply pour in the hole and drive over to compact for lasting repairs.

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Patching Holes in Asphalt Pavement with U.S. Cold Patch

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Video Transcript

Sakrete US Cold Patch is an innovative, new ready to use cold asphalt product for the permanent patching of pot holes, cracks and other defects in black top surfaces. Sakrete US Cold Patch is fast, durable and environmentally preferable, made from over fifty percent recycled asphalt with no solvents and dramatically reduced VOC’s that contribute to ground level ozone or smog, the use of Sakrete US Cold Patch will help meet stricter VOC regulatory guidelines. With Sakrete US Cold Patch, preparation is minimized with no saw cuts, tack coats, dangerous fumes or weather restrictions just sweep, pour, temp or roll with a tire and go. US Cold Patch has the consistency of potting soil and does not leave oily, greasy stains like traditional asphalt materials, no solvent odors either. If the material is stiff or condensed in the bag, it can easily be returned to its loose, potting soil like consistency by dropping the bag and rolling it. Sweep and remove any loose material from the area to be patched, simply pour material from the bag into the hole in approximately one to two inch layers, spread evenly then compact with tamper or vehicle tire. If the hole is deeper than two inches, pour additional one to two inch layers as needed and repeat compaction until the patch is slightly crowned over the surrounding asphalt. Sakrete US Cold Patch cures through compaction instead of evaporation so it can be open to traffic immediately. Another advantage to the professional applicator is that once the patch material is hard it can be over-layed with hot mix anytime without removing the patch. Road repair workers are not exposed to asphalt fumes and petroleum solvents commonly found in cut back asphalts use in other cold asphalt products but not in Sakrete US Cold Patch. US Cold Patch can be applied in any temperature or environment, wet or dry, it requires no hole preparation and no cleanup required.

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