Sakrete Concrete Mortar Dissolver is a safe, environmentally friendly product for cleaning dried concrete and mortar from tools and many other surfaces.

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Removing Concrete and Mortar from Tools

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Video Transcript

Tired of chipping away at concrete tools? Looking for a safe method for cleaning tools, siding or even vehicles? Sakrete Concrete Dissolver is a user friendly solution that dissolves concrete and mortar from tools and most surfaces. This non hazardous formula is one hundred percent biodegradable, contains no harmful acids and will not harm wood, plastic, metal or paint. You can clean up cured concrete or masonry residue on sidings, foundations, patios, wooden decks, even splatter on cars and trucks without damaging paint surfaces. Easy to use, just spray and watch the concrete dissolve and then wipe away, no gloves neccasary, for more hardened jobs completely saturate the area of hardened concrete to be removed with concrete mortar dissolver. Do not dilute with water as this will deactivate the dissolver. When the dissolver hits the concrete you will see the surface foam up on contact then darken. Reapply concrete mortar dissolver to reactivate as needed until concrete has softened and easily wiped off. When cleaning job is complete, rinse with water as this will deactivate the chemical process. Sakrete Concrete mortar dissolver is a safe, environmentally friendly liquid alternative to aggressive acid concrete removers, when water alone won’t’ do. We took two identical troughs, both with thick hardened concrete on them. Both troughs were then loaded into their respective tanks. Notice the fizzing action of the Sakrete dissolver, the tank to the left is filled with tap water, the tank to the right contains Sakrete Concrete Mortar Dissolver. Over time, the concrete in the mortar dissolver begins to soften and separate from the trough, the tank with water has had little to no effect on the concrete while the concrete on the trough in the dissolver softens and easily breaks off. In addition to tools, Sakrete Concrete Dissolver can safely be used on house siding or cars that may have accidently been splattered with concrete. Stop using dangerous chemicals and chipping away at hardened covered tools, Sakrete, the professional choice for concrete products. For more information visit

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