Feel confident when using the Sakrete Top' n Bond Patcher for your repair needs.

This material provides a smooth textured mix and strong bonding properties that will not disappoint. Can be used in repairs from 1/2 in down to feather edge.

Repairing Small Cracks or Spalled Concrete Surfaces

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Video Transcript

What we’re working with here is Top n Bond Concrete Patcher, we’ve got a crack here in the sidewalk, a very large chip and a crack running this way and then a crack running in this direction and what we’re going to do, we’re going to mix up a little Top n Bond and fill that in. So I’ve already got a little bit of water in my container, I’m going to add the dry powder, you always want to add the powder to water, then I’m just taking a margin trough and just mixing the material, I’m going to add a little bit more product here because I’m going to do this in a two step operation, I’m going to get this quite wet, as you can see this is quite soupy, it’s wetter than we want for the final consistency but I’m going to take this area here and I’m going to take my gloved hand and I’m going to put material in there just like this, always wear gloves. All I’m doing here is I’m just smearing this onto the area that I’m going to be filling, what this will do is give us a really, really good bond. This material contains polymers which by themselves provide an excellent bond, now I’m going to add more dry material, we’ve mixed the Top n Bond to the proper consistency and we’re going to put it right in here with the margin trough. Now if you’ll notice this crack that I’ve just filled along here, of course it’s no longer visible because it’s filled, you might look at that and say that’s a really small crack, why bother? Well, small cracks become big cracks. You’ll notice here I’m running my finger through a channel, this is not a crack, this was deliberately put in when the concrete was first poured and this was to allow for cracking, concrete cracks, so I’m just running my finger though that channel to keep that channel open, we don’t want to fill over top of that channel, there was also a tiny crack running through the bottom that you might not have been able to see, but by running finger though here I’ve pushed the Top n Bond down into that crack. If you’re not really good with a trough, get yourself a paint brush, this is an inexpensive cheap paint brush, now you’ve blended it in to the existing concrete.

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