Fast Setting Concrete Mix requires no mixing. Simply pour the mix into the hole and add water.

Setting Fence Posts with Sakrete Fast Setting Concrete Mix

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Video Transcript

Ok, first of all you want to make sure you dig a hole, first with a post hole digger, push your post in and then you pour in approximately one third water, that’s good right there, hold the post, make sure it’s level, cut open the bags and fill the hole until you don’t see the water anymore, make sure the bag you pour goes all the way around the post, that was a perfect pour right there, a little bit more water, good. Now with fast setting concrete mix you don’t need to pre mix it and you don’t need any bracing, a little more water please, ok, this looks good. So what happens is you have a little bit of water on top, the mixture is mixed, once you get it set, with a half hour set time on this particular product you level your post off and you can walk away again, you don’ t need any bracing on this product.

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