Setting Posts and Poles

Featured Product: Fast-Setting Concrete Mix


If using a dry-mix method with Fast-Setting Concrete, NO PREMIXING IS REQUIRED.

  • Dig a hole using a post-hole digger to 1/3 the length of the post and insert the post.


  • Have someone hold the post and ensure it is level.
  • Pour the hole approximately 1/3 of the way full with water.


  • Pour Fast-Setting Concrete Mix in the hole, ensuring the product is poured all the way around.
  • Add water as needed to the surface of the mix to completely hydrate the material.
  • No bracing required.

Sakrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix will set in approximately 30 minutes.

Standard concrete mixes such as Sakrete High Strength Concrete Mix can also be used to set posts and poles but requires the material to be premixed prior to application.

For complete product information, please refer to the product data sheet.

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