Concrete Repair

Q: What can I use to repair areas that require a feather edge?

A: The Sakrete Top'n Bond can be applied from ½” to a featheredge.

Q: What can I use to repair a small hole I have in my swimming pool?

A: The Sakrete Leak Stopper can be used under water to repair a leak in a masonry swimming pool.

Q: How do I remove stains from my concrete surface?

A: Sakrete Asphalt Cleaner removes or lightens grease and oil stains from Blacktop and Concrete surfaces.

Q: How can I repair cracks of ½” to 2” thickness?

A: Sakrete Sand Mix mixed with the Sakrete Bonder Fortifier would work well for these repair thicknesses.

Q: How do I repair cracks of less than ½” wide?

A: Sakrete Concrete & Mortar Repair can repair cracks in concrete up to 1/4” wide. Sakrete Concrete Crack Filler can be used for cracks up to ½” wide.

Q: What is a slurry coat, and how is it used in concrete repair?

A: It is a small amount of a cement mix that is mixed with water to the consistency of paint and brushed carefully into the pores and surface of the repair area just prior to placing the repair material. The slurry coat improves the bond of the repair to the original concrete surface.

Q: What is difference between anchoring and grouting?

A: The term “anchoring” implies affixing an article onto or into another substrate. This is different from “grouting” which implies only the filling of a void or cavity between similar or dissimilar materials.

Q: Can Sakrete Sand Mix be feather edged?

A: No. Sakrete Sand Mix can be used for applications of ½” to 2” in thickness. Sakrete Top n Bond is recommended for applications less than ½” thick.

Q: What material should I use for setting/grouting flagstone?

A: Sakrete Sand Mix is a great product for installing and grouting flagstone due to the thickness requirements and the wearability of the Sand Mix.

Q: Is concrete waterproof?

A: No. Portland based concrete mixes are not waterproof.

Q: How can I bond new concrete or repair material to my old concrete?

A: Sakrete Bonder Fortifier will help to bond the new concrete or repair mortar to the old concrete.

Q: How can I resurface my entire driveway or sidewalk?

A: Sakrete Top’n Bond or Sakrete Flo-Coat. Smaller areas or those with a steep incline can be done with trowel applied Top ‘n Bond. Larger flat surface can be done with the more fluid squeegee applied Flo-Coat.

Q: When can I seal my new concrete?

A: Sakrete Cure N Seal can be a curing agent and sealer applied 4-6 hours after placement of new concrete or after water or sheen disappears from concrete surface. All other sealing applications must wait 28 days.