Blacktop Crack Repair

Blacktop Crack Repair

Many contributing factors and causes are associated with crack development in asphalt and blacktop pavements.

  • Excessive moisture
  • Ground movement
  • Heat and UV exposure
  • Poor surface maintenance
  • Time and Age

There are a variety of ways to repair developing cracks and SAKRETE offers easy solutions for repairing various size imperfections.

Blacktop Repair Tube - Used to fill small cracks in blacktop surfaces that range in width of 1/8” to 3/8”.

Blacktop Crack Filler - Designed with an easy pour spout for repairing cracks in blacktop that are up to ½” wide to 3/8” deep.

Trowelable Blacktop Patch - Heavy duty black mastic repair material, used to smooth unsightly alligator cracking, pitting and imperfections in pavement and also for filling cracks up to 1” wide.

Blacktop crack repair tips:
Preparation is key to any repair project

  • Clean the entire surface before application.
  • Sweep out any standing water or debris.
  • Backfill deep cracks with sand or foam backer rod to within 3/8” of the repair surface.
  • Slightly widen very small cracks to allow room for the material to penetration.
  • Follow material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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