Blacktop Sealers

Blacktop Sealers

Extend the life of your blacktop using SAKRETE blacktop sealer products. Without proper pavement maintenance, blacktop will fade, dry out and deteriorate due to the exposure of ultra-violet (UV) rays and oxidation from the air.

SAKRETE offers a full line of asphalt driveway sealers that help protect your investment.

Blacktop Sealer – Our most economical coal tar grade sealer. 1-year formula

Premium Driveway Sealer – Premium quality driveway sealer. Offers a fast cure feature and is a easy- stir, 5-year formula.

Premium Filled Driveway Sealer – Premium filled driveway sealer with a textured finish for added traction. Offers a fast cure feature and is a easy- stir, 5-year formula.

Flo-Coat Driveway Sealer – A rubberized emulsion formula that combines high-performance protection for asphalt driveways with the convenience of no-stir, easy-flow technology and an 8-year formula.

Blacktop sealing tips:
Preparation is key to any repair project

  • Fill and repair cracks prior to application.
  • In high heat conditions, mist area with a fine water sprayer to cool pavement an hour before sealer application.
  • Best results achieved when temperatures are 70° to 90° F during application. Cooler temperatures and/or high humidity may lengthen curing time.
  • Follow material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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Blacktop Sealer
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