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  • Using a pressure washer, clean the joints between the pavers to the full depth of the paver. Ensure that weeds, dirt and all foreign materials are removed from the joint area to allow for the polymeric sand installation.
  • Once the joints have been cleared out, inspect the area verifying that no pavers were dislodged during the clean out process.
  • Using a cleaning solution and stiff bristle brush, thoroughly clean the surface of the pavers.
  • Allow the pavers to completely dry before applying polymeric sand. If pavers are damp or wet the polymer in the material will leave a stain on the surface.


  • No Mixing Required
  • Pour Paver Set onto the pavers. Using a broom, sweep polymeric sand into the joints.
  • Material should be applied to within 1/8” of the top of the paver.
  • It is necessary to compact the material before wetting. If possible, run a vibratory compactor over the pavers. If this is not practical, use a broom handle to tap the top of the pavers.
  • The polymeric sand level will drop, filling any voids. Refill the joints and repeat the tamping process.


  • Before the introduction of water, it is critical to remove sand dust from the paver surface to avoid staining. The best option for removing the excess material from the top of the pavers is by using a leaf blower.
  • With the blower set on low speed and held about waist high, blow the excess dust and material from the top of the pavers.
  • If a leaf blower is not available, use a fine bristle hand broom or larger push broom to remove polymeric sand from the top of the pavers.
  • To begin the setting process, using a garden hose with the spray nozzle set to the “shower” setting, spray the area using a back and forth motion. Look carefully at the joints to see if the water is soaking in.
  • Stop spraying and watch the joint surface. If all water has soaked in continue the spraying process in short intervals. Repeat this process until the joint will not accept any more water.
  • Do not allow the water to pool in the joints. Once the area has been thoroughly wetted out, allow the area to dry and restrict access to the pavers for at least 24 hours.

For complete product information, please refer to the product data sheets. Paver Set - PermaSand

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