The Sakrete Concrete Pro Program

Developed exclusively for our partners at McCoy's Building Supply, the free four-part series helps give your team the confidence to sell concrete to the pros, like a pro.

SAKRETE 101: Know Your Mix

The foundation for success: From the basics of concrete formulations to how to differentiate between mixes, Sakrete 101 sets you up to be able to talk – and sell – concrete more effectively.

SAKRETE 102: Concrete Repair Basics

The next step: The basics of concrete repair, including diagnosis, mix selection, application and troubleshooting, giving you the expertise to sell repair products more effectively.

SAKRETE 103: Cracks: Causes & Solutions

Specialized know-how: Dive into the science behind concrete cracking and explore the complete range of remediation options – must-have knowledge for selling high-end products to pros.

SAKRETE 104: Pro-Mix & Specialty Concrete

The masterclass: Learn what makes the Pro-Mix portfolio among the best in the industry and how to effectively position them against our competitors to win big with specialty concrete repair pros.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a custom pin that identifies you as a Certified Sakrete Expert

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