Blacktop Pothole Repair

Blacktop Pothole Repair

Proper construction and diligent surface maintenance is essential for the longevity of any blacktop pavement. Pothole development in asphalt is the result of numerous and often unavoidable issues.

  • Improper base construction
  • Water intrusion
  • Winter’s free/thaw cycles
  • Poor or negligent crack repair maintenance

When blacktop potholes develop, SAKRETE has the right patching material. SAKRETE offers ready-to-use products for blacktop patching projects on walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

All Weather Blacktop Patch – A high performance patching material containing a mixture of blended asphalts, aggregates and special additives that can be used in all weather conditions.

Blacktop Patch – General purpose patch used for repairing potholes in blacktop drives, walks and parking lots.

U.S. Cold Patch – Revolutionary, ready-to-use recycled asphalt product used for permanently repairing potholes, cracks, and other defects in asphalt. Dry, odorless and environmentally friendly.

Blacktop pothole repair tips:
Preparation is key to any repair project

  • Chisel out loose blacktop. Square up area to be patched ensuring that the sides are vertical.
  • Remove any unsound sub-base portions and replace with clean compacted gravel or stone.
  • CLEAN. Prior to application, remove all loose particles, dirt, grass, etc.
  • Apply and compact material in 2” layers until hole is filled.
  • DO NOT exceed products specified repair area size.
  • Follow material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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