Concrete Topping & Resurfacing

Concrete Topping & Resurfacing

Restoring concrete surfaces will save time and expense associated with the removal of existing concrete by installing a concrete overlay or resurfacing those aged, spalling or unsightly driveways, walkways, slabs or steps.

SAKRETE concrete topping & resurfacing products offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement and will restore your concrete surfaces to a like-new finish.

Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer – Polymer modified concrete resurfacing material requiring only the addition of clean potable water. Use for resurfacing concrete substrates in applications of 1/2" to feather edge. When mixed appropriately, this free flowing material can be applied using a squeegee.

Sand Mix – Sand Mix/Topping & Bedding Mix is a preblended mixture of sand and cementitious materials. A multi-purpose trowelable product designed for a variety of projects that require and overlay, bedding and repair application from ½” to 2”.

Tips for using topping & resurfacing materials:
Preparation is key to any project

  • Remove all loose and unstable concrete or masonry from the repair area.
  • Clean the area from dirt, dust and contaminants that could interfere with bonding.
  • Eliminate grease, oil, paint, sealer or any other foreign materials that will inhibit bond.
  • Make crack repairs prior to topping or resurfacing concrete surfaces.
  • Store bags in a shady area 24 hr before use. Heat and rays from the sun will make the bag contents hot which can cause flash setting.
  • Follow material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer