Leveler & Underlayments

Leveler & Underlayments

There are many types of floor levelers and underlayments available when looking to repair an uneven area or surface. Some of these products are trowelable, some are free flowing, and some are self-leveling. A number of products on the market are designed for interior applications only and others that can be used both for interior or exterior projects.

When it comes to selecting a leveler or underlayment, there is criteria to consider and it is critical to know several things from the beginning of the product selection process:

  • What substrate type is the leveler or underlayment covering?
  • Will this project area receive a final covering such as; tile, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, carpet etc.?
  • Is the application interior or exterior?
  • How thick will the material need to be?

Proper evaluation of the project area will be needed when selecting these types of materials because of their specific design and formulations in regards to proper use. Most of these type of products will have specific limitations.

SAKRETE offers several products that are formulated for use as a leveler and/or underlayment. Each of these products have specific use, preparation and placement procedures and that information can be found on their technical data sheet.

Flo-Coat Resurfacer – Concrete resurfacer, when mixed to a trowelable consistency, can level uneven concrete surfaces in a limited size repair area or be used as a leveler for minor grade deviations. Maximum depth is ½”. Use for interior or exterior applications.

Self Leveling Underlayment – A polymer modified portland cement and gypsum based self-leveling underlayment used for interior applications. Level and smooth above or below grade concrete*.

Top‘n Bond Concrete Patcher – Concrete repair patcher used for leveling uneven concrete surfaces in a limited size repair area. Use for interior or exterior applications.

Trowel Grade Leveler & Underlayment – Fast setting trowel grade, polymer modified cement based floor underlayment for interior applications. Build up and level concrete surface imperfections and dips in preparation of final flooring installations. Also for use on interior-grade plywood*.

Fast Setting Self-Leveling Resurfacer - A rapid setting cement-based product for resurfacing concrete floors with damaged finishes or as a wear surface for residential and light foot traffic industrial floors where a hard, flat and smooth surface is desired.

Tips for using levelers and underlayments:
Preparation is key to any project

  • Be familiar with the products capabilities and limitations before starting the project.
  • Protect from rapid excessive drying due to temperature and air movements.
  • Colder temperatures or higher humidity conditions will retard set times.
  • Read and follow the material instructions for preparation, use and placement
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