Sand & Gravel

Sand & Gravel

Sand & gravel are both among the most accessible natural resources in the country. These natural resources are used in a multitude of industries and for many different projects, installations and applications.


  • Variety of landscaping projects
  • Gardens, playgrounds and sand boxes
  • Pet areas
  • Erosion control
  • Traction in winter
  • Sand base
  • Filling joints of patio paver installations
  • Used in custom concrete and mortar mixes


  • Coarse aggregate used in custom concrete mixes
  • Landscaping and decoration
  • Base material under concrete slabs
  • Drainage base layer used for footings and posts

SAKRETE packages these naturally resourced materials and are available for a variety of uses and needs.

All Purpose Gravel – A general purpose gravel with variety of uses for landscaping or as a base for slabs and footings.

Leveling Sand – A sand used over paver base sand when setting pavers.

Mason Sand – A graded and washed sand used for custom mortar mixes.

Multi-Purpose Sand – A general purpose product for landscaping projects and other general applications.

Natural Play Sand – A screened and washed fine sand.

Traction Sand – Provides added traction on snow and ice.

Tube Sand – Great for traction in slick conditions and as additional weight in the vehicles. Also used as ballast weight.

Tips for sand & gravel use:

  • Dampen sand after placement in landscaping and sand boxes.
  • SAKRETE sands are not recommended materials for sandblasting.
  • Wear a face mask when pouring sand and gravel.
  • Read and follow the material instructions for use and placement.
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