Stucco & Repair

Stucco & Repair

Stucco, another commonly used material in the residential and commercial construction industry, is an exterior wall mortar/coating made of cement, lime and sand. Stucco provides an economical, durable, decorative and low-maintenance finish for homes and commercial structures alike.

Stucco can be troweled, floated or spray applied and can be finished in your choice of texture types.

  • Dash Finish
  • Lace Finish
  • Sand or Float Finish
  • Smooth Finish.. depending on cement and aggregate size in the mix

Stucco mixes can be painted and can also be blended with color pigments for a colored stucco finish.

SAKRETE offers a stucco mix for scratch, brown and finish coat applications. SAKRETE also offers base coat stucco and fibered stucco.

Base Coat: Scratch & Brown Stucco – A gray, blended, water resistant, portland/lime cement-based, material used for scratch and brown coat stucco work.

Finish Coat Stucco – A blended, decorative, water resistant, portland /lime cement based, finish coat stucco for use as a decorative finish coat stucco for vertical and overhead application.

One Coat Fibered Stucco – Factory blended mixture of portland cement, sand and fiber reinforced polymers and packaged in moisture resistant bags.

Surface Bonding Cement – A fibered, structural coating used to strengthen existing masonry walls or to create mortarless block walls. Can also be used as a masonry parge or finish coating or as a scratch and brown coat stucco.

Type S Mortar/Stucco Mix – A high strength mortar mix that can be used as a masonry parge or finish coating or as a scratch and brown coat stucco.

Water Resistant Stucco - Water Resistant Stucco is a portland/lime cement-based stucco with crystalline water repellent technology. Designed for use as a decorative finish coat that reduces water penetration while maintaining a breathable finish.

Repairs made to stucco is completed by the same means and material type used when applying the original stucco to the structure.

Tips for stucco & repair:

  • Moisten the surface before application to SSD (Saturate Surface Dry).
  • Use only clean potable water as well as clean mixing container and tools.
  • Do not over trowel.
  • Do not overwater.
  • Colder temperatures or higher humidity conditions will retard set times.
  • Read and follow the material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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