5000 Plus Concrete Mix

Ultimate Strength And Durability

When you need more strength and superior workability, 5000 Plus is your mix. With higher cement content than standard concrete, this professional-grade mix is 20% stronger and smoother under the trowel and delivers rapid strength gain to get the job done faster.

Product Details

  • High strength and enhanced workability for professional-grade results on every job
  • Rapid strength gain is ideal for cold weather concrete applications
  • For heavy duty concrete work over 2" thick
  • Ready for traffic in 12 hours – vehicle traffic in 72 hours
  • Yields 0.45 ft3 (60# bag); 0.60 ft3 (80# bag)

Application Depth

2" and over

Foot Traffic

12 Hours


Vehicle Traffic

72 Hours


Final Strength

5,000 PSI


How much product do I need?

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