Pro-Mix Concrete Repair

Pro Strength, Pro Speed

Concrete Repair is formulated for the most challenging repairs the job can throw your way. With the same 15-minute set time and 1-hour cure time of all Pro-Mix formulas, Concrete Repair is also heavily polymer modified to allow for molding, shaping and superior bond – even overhead.

DOT Approved in CA (Category 3 & 4), MT, AZ, NE, MS, GA, FL, NC, NJ, NY

Product Details

  • An advanced mix for high-strength, extremely fast-setting repairs of overhead, vertical or horizontal concrete suraces
  • Ideal for repair of structural beams and columns, including bridge decks, columns, overhead beams and more
  • Heavily polymer modified for superior bond strength, workability and smooth finishing
  • Repairs from 1/4" - 6"
  • 15-minute set time, ready for traffic in 1 hour
  • 3,000 PSI at 1 hour, 7,000+ at final strength
  • Yields 0.19 ft3 (20# bag); 0.48 ft3 (50# bag);

Application Depth

1/4" - 6"

Initial Set Time

15 Minutes


Vehicle Traffic

1 Hour


Final Strength

7,000+ PSI


How much product do I need?

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