Pro-X180 Concrete Mix

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

High speed, strength. and durability – Pro-X 180 is a pro-grade mix to end them all. Featuring air entrainment for superior freeze-thaw performance, fibers for strength, corrosion inhibitors for longevity and fast-setting cements to keep the job moving fast, this is the structural mix that pros turn to time and again.

Product Details

  • Highly engineered mix designed for heavy industrial applications such as parking decks, structural piers, industrial floors, and more
  • Formulated for air entrainment, corrosion resistance, added strength, and rapid strength gain
  • Full-depth applications 1.5" and above
  • Ready for foot traffic in 3 hours – vehicle traffic in 12 hours
  • Yields 0.59 ft3

Application Depth

1.5" +

Initial Set Time

1 Hour


Foot Traffic

3 Hours


Vehicle Traffic

12 Hours


Final Strength

8,000+ PSI


How much product do I need?

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