Rapid-Setting Anchoring Epoxy

Anchor Away

For rapid-setting anchoring in vertical or horizontal applications, Rapid-Setting Anchoring Epoxy is your mix. This two-part epoxy delivers a perfect blend of mixability, flow, and strength with a set time twice as fast as High-Strength Anchoring Epoxy.

Product Details

  • Use for horizontal or vertical anchoring applications such as grouting dowel bars for concrete repairs
  • Self-mixing formula, applied with a standard caulk gun
  • Sets in 16 minutes – full cure in 10 hours
  • Yields approximately 15 in3

Application Depth

1" and up

Initial Set Time

16 Minutes


Vehicle Traffic

10 Hours


Final Strength

28,400 PSI (ASTM E488 Pullout Strength)

PSI (ASTM E488 Pullout Strength)