Stone Veneer Mortar Mix

Rock On

When you’re installing natural or artificial stone veneer units, Sakrete Stone Veneer Mortar is your mix. Polymer modified for exceptional bond and shear strength, this professional-grade mix can be applied over masonry, concrete or prepared OSB, making it perfect for every veneer project.

Product Details

  • Use for setting and grouting artificial or natural stone veneers above- or below-grade
  • Can be applied over masonry, concrete, or OSB substrates
  • Use for applications from 3/8" to 1/2"
  • Yields 13 ft2 (80# bag); 8 ft2 (50# bag)

Application Depth

3/8" - 1/2"

Final Strength

>1,800 PSI


How much product do I need?

Stone Veneer Mortar Calculator