Top ‘N Bond Concrete Patcher

Thin Repairs, Solved

For smooth repairs of flat surfaces down to a feather edge, Top ‘N Bond is your mix. This high-strength, pro-grade repair mix is polymer modified to deliver superior bond strength and smooth finishing for concrete repairs up to 2″ deep.

Product Details

  • Use for repair of minor cracks, chips, spalls, uneven surfaces and other thin slab damage
  • Polymer modified for superior bond strength without use of an admixture
  • Use for repairs from feather edge to 2"
  • Yield: 0.09 ft3 (10# bag); 0.18 ft3 (20# bag); 0.37 ft3 (40# bag);
  • *Note: Only use with clean potable water

Application Depth

Feather edge - 2"

Foot Traffic

24 Hours


Vehicle Traffic

72 Hours


Final Strength

5,000 PSI


How much product do I need?

Slab Repair Calculator