Products Used

Tools Needed

Project Prep

  1. Choose the Color: Select from Sakrete Cement Colors—terracotta, buff, charcoal, or red.
  2. Calculate the Quantity: Determine the amount of pigment needed based on the concrete volume—each container colors an 80-pound bag of concrete.
  3. Clean the Area: Ensure the concrete surface or mixer is clean and free from previous materials.

Safety Notes: Read and understand the SDS before using this product. Wear protective clothing and equipment. Keep out of reach of children.

Project Tip: Use one container of Cement Color per 80# bag to achieve correct color.


  1. Pre-measure Water: Keep the water quantity consistent for each batch to ensure uniform color.
  2. Add Pigment to Water: Before adding to the concrete, mix the pigment thoroughly with the pre-measured water using a standard paint mixing bit.
  3. Combine with Concrete: Add the colored water to the concrete mix in a wheelbarrow and use a concrete hoe to mix the two until the color is consistent throughout.

Project Tip: Always add color into mix water BEFORE adding concrete.

Alternate Products

Cement Colors

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