Sakrete: There Since Skating Was Invented

Ever since California kids started surfing the concrete waves on DIY boards, Sakrete has been there.

As the sport evolved, that DIY spirit has remained – and Sakrete has been there to help every generation of skaters create any feature they can dream up.

The Ultimate DIY Mix

Whether it's a little one-bag kicker or a multi-ton vert ramp, skaters need a pro-grade mix to bring their vision to life.

DIY builders are concrete pros – no doubt about it. All they're lacking is time, funds and materials. That's where we can help.

Gettin' Our Hands Dirty

In 2021, Sakrete started searching for great DIY skateparks to work with. It wasn't long before we found an amazing group in upstate New York – the Honeoye Falls DIY team.

Check out this video where the HFLDIY team shows us how they use Sakrete to build like pros.

We're ready to keep a good thing going.

Skatekrete Sponsorships

Got a great DIY that could use a little help? Hit us up!

Sakrete is sponsoring one project a year with the tools, equipment and funding needed to upgrade your local skate spot from startup status to community legend.
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