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Creating Custom-Colored Concrete and Mortar

Custom colored concrete is a simple way to add a unique touch to any concrete project. The biggest threats to a successful project are inconsistency of color from batch to batch or simply not achieving the desired color.

To avoid these issues, it is highly recommended to pour a test slab (or slabs) and allow to cure so you can nail the color you’re looking for.

Be sure to take careful notes about your mix ratios and ALWAYS work in whole containers – one entire container of color at a time and no fewer than one entire bag of concrete mix at a time.

Attempting to add partial containers to tweak the color is nearly impossible to replicate and can lead to color variations in the finished slab.

Project Tip: Use the Sakrete App to measure, estimate and purchase materials for the job straight from your phone.

Tools Needed


  1. Measure the water according to the instructions on the bag. Water requirements vary slightly from mix to mix. Be precise!
    1. Pro Tip: mark the water line on the bucket to make refills for successive batches faster.
  2. Wearing respiratory protection, add one full container at a time to the mix water.
  3. One container per 80# bag will achieve the color shown on the Sakrete Cement Colors label. Add a second (or third!) container for a deeper color.
  4. Starting at low speed, mix the Cement Color into the mix water using the cordless drill.
  5. Mix for one minute to ensure complete incorporation.
  6. Complete mixing process using standard methods. See How to Mix by Hand  or How to Mix Using a Mixer for guidance.
  7. Wet concrete color is slightly darker than it will be once dry.
  8. Make sure to repeat mixing process exactly for each successive batch to ensure color consistency.

Comments (3)

Odette says:

Hi. Can you mix coloured grout into the cement please?

Sakrete says:

You can definitely mix color into any cement-based product!

Rick says:

I just need to achieve a color and read point brick. Do not use a whole container to do this. The best thing to do is use plastic mixing cups to achieve the color desired. If you use one cup with one tablespoon of color to achieve let’s say pink, not pink enough use two tablespoons two pink use a teaspoon. If you don’t achieve the color you want using a 80 lb bag and a hole container of color, then you’ve just wasted an 80 lb bag and whole container of color.

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