When you need to repair a loose rail, loose brick or even a void in a concrete porch or stairs, Sakrete anchoring epoxy is the right product for either indoor or outdoor repairs involving concrete or masonry. And, if you’re looking to securely anchor thread bar or rebar into concrete or masonry surfaces, we’ve got the heavy-duty, easy-to-use epoxy you need to do it right.

If time is of the essence but you cannot sacrifice strength, look to Sakrete Rapid Setting Anchoring Epoxy:

Quick Facts About Rapid Setting Anchoring Epoxy

For anchoring jobs that require extra strength, you can rely on Sakrete High Strength Anchoring Epoxy:

Quick Facts About High Strength Anchoring Epoxy

Both the Rapid Setting and High Strength Epoxies come in two-component single tubes that are applied using a standard caulking gun. Before applying the epoxy, drilled holes and surfaces should be dust free and cleaned of oil, grease and other contaminants.