Brick, Block & Stone Mortar

Brick, Block & Stone Mortar

Masonry mortar mixes come in a variety of types and varying strengths. Each type must meet or exceed industry specified compression strengths to qualify for these specified types. This stands true for any mix that is blended and bagged by a manufacturer or mixed by hand in the field.

Type M – Requires a 2500 psi/full cure
Type S – Requires a 1800 psi/full cure
Type N – Requires a 750 psi/full cure
Type O – Requires a 350 psi/full cure
Type K – Requires a 75 psi/full cure
Note: Type M, S and N are the most commonly used mortar types.

In addition, within these mortar types, there are mortars specifically designed for use in stone veneer and glass block installations.

SAKRETE offers several of these commonly used mortar mix types.

Glass Block Mortar – A quality mixture of white cement, lime, sand and special additives. Ranks as a Type S mortar.

Mortar Mix Type N – A general-purpose mortar for laying brick, block or stone or for repairing mortar joints. Used for above grade applications only.

Mortar/Stucco Mix Type S – A contractor grade product for laying brick, block or stone. It can also be used as a scratch or brown coat in stucco applications. Can be used above or below grade.

Stone Veneer Mortar – A high performance, polymer modified mortar designed to set and grout artificial stone and natural stone veneers.

Tips for using mortar:
Preparation is key to any project

  • Store bags in a shady area 24 hr before use. The heat and rays from the sun will make the aggregates in the mix hot which can cause the material to flash-set when mixing.
  • Use cold water to mix material in high-heat weather to help avoid flash setting.
  • Mixed mortar has attained the proper consistency when ledges can be made in the mix and they stand.
  • Bagged mortar mixes can be colored using mineral-oxide pigments and can also be painted.
  • Follow material instructions for mixing, preparation and application.
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