Cold Weather Concrete Mix

For Polar Pours

When it’s too cold for other concretes, Cold Weather is here to save the day. The first-ever bagged concrete engineered to set in temperatures as low as 0°F, Cold Weather is the solution for keeping jobs moving year-round.

Product Details

  • A highly-engineered mix designed to set in temperatures that no other concrete can match – as low as 0°F
  • Ready for traffic in 1 hour at 0°F
  • Full-depth applications over 2"
  • Initial set in 10 - 30 minutes, ready for foot traffic in 1 hour, vehicle traffic in 3 hours
  • Yields 0.38 ft3 or 1 sq. ft. at 4" deep

Application Depth

2" and over

Initial Set Time

30 Minutes at 0°F

at 0°F

Foot Traffic

1 Hour at 0°F

at 0°F

Vehicle Traffic

3 Hours at 0°F

at 0°F

Final Strength

8,000 PSI


How much product do I need?

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