Portland-Limestone Cement – Type IL

The Sustainable Choice for Custom Mixes

When you’re custom-blending concrete or mortar mixes, you need an eco-friendly, pro-grade Portland Cement you can count on. For your next field-blended mix, turn to Sakrete’s Portland-Limestone Type IL Cement to get the job done right – and more sustainably.

Product Details

  • Used to create custom concrete, mortar or stucco blends, or add strength to pre-blended mixes
  • Formulated for enhanced sustainability – 15% lower CO2 emissions than Type I/II cement.
  • For custom concrete, mix with sand and aggregate (1 portland : 2 sand : 3 aggregate)
  • For custom mortar, mix with lime and sand (1 portland : 1/4 lime : 3 mason sand
  • For topping / bedding: 1 portland : 3-4 general purpose sand