Pro-Mix Advanced Concrete Mix

Formulated for Peak Performance

When you need Pro-Mix performance on larger pours, Advanced Concrete Mix is your go-to. With an extended 1-hour working time, 3-hour structural strength, and durability-enhancing admixtures, this mix is made for technically-demanding repairs of roads, bridges, floor decks and more.

Product Details

  • Our most advanced mix design, combining rapid strength gain with extended set time
  • Ideal for large outdoor repairs, including roads and bridge decks
  • Advanced admixtures including reinforcing fibers, corrosion inhibitors and air entraining agents
  • Applications 1.5" and above
  • Yields 0.38 ft3 per 50# bag

Application Depth

1.5" and Over

and Over

Initial Set Time

1 Hour Extended Set Time

Extended Set Time

Vehicle Traffic

3 Hours


Final Strength

8,000+ PSI


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