Self-Consolidating Concrete Mix

Serious Concrete

A highly advanced mix for the most demanding industrial applications – that’s Self-Consolidating concrete. We threw the kitchen sink into this mix: corrosion inhibitors, silica fume for rapid strength gain, polymers for superior bond and the ability to pour as thin as 1″ – this mix can handle anything you throw its way.

Product Details

  • Highly advanced mix for demanding industrial or infrastructure applications such as parking facilities, tunnels, dams, etc. where site access, timing. or flexibility make bagged mixes preferable
  • Polymer modified for superior strength, pumpability and consolidation without vibration
  • Use for projects from 1" - 8" in depth
  • Yields 1 sq. ft. at 4" deep

Application Depth

1" - 8"

Final Strength

6,500 PSI


How much product do I need?

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