Fast Traffic Concrete Mix

Get Back on the Road Faster.

When you’ve got to get the job back open to traffic fast, there’s only one choice: Fast Traffic Concrete Mix. Formulated for rapid strength gain, this pro-grade mix is ready for traffic 3x faster than standard concrete, so you can get on to the next job faster.

Product Details

  • Formulated for high early strength gain to get projects back in action fast.
  • 6,500 PSI final strength, ideal for commercial jobs
  • For heavy-duty concrete work over 2" thick
  • Ready for traffic 3x faster – foot traffic in 8 hours, vehicle traffic in 24 hours
  • Yields 0.38 ft3 (50# bag)

Application Depth

2" and Over

and Over

Foot Traffic

3x Faster 8 Hours

8 Hours

Vehicle Traffic

3x Faster 24 Hours

24 Hours

Final Strength

6500 PSI


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