Concrete Crack Repair - Tube or Bottle

Concete Crack Repair - Tube/Bottle

Concrete crack repair materials are not all cement based materials. Because of this, concrete cracks should be evaluated before repairing. When evaluating a concrete crack consider the questions below when determining a repair product:

  • Is this a vertical or horizontal repair?
  • Will the area need to be widened to properly repair?
  • How wide, deep and long is the crack?
  • Is this a moving crack? Does it appear to get larger over time?
  • Does the area get a lot of vehicle traffic?
  • Is the repair area minor or structural?

The evaluation and diagnosis of concrete cracks may lead to many different options of repair materials. For minor concrete cracking, many available crack repair materials could be selected to make a successful repair and the deciding factor may simply come down to an ease-of-use preference.

Sakrete offers a diverse line of concrete crack repair products, many are packaged in ready-to-use packaging and range from latex, polymer, polyurethane and cement-based materials. (Click here for cement-based crack repair products)

Crack Filler - A ready to use, polymer based repair material designed to fill and seal cracks in concrete up to 1/2” wide and 1/4” deep.

Concrete & Mortar Repair - A siliconized acrylic latex used for caulking cracks in concrete or masonry from 1/8” to 3/8” wide.

Concrete Repair - A siliconized acrylic latex for filling cracks in concrete from 1/8” to 3/8” wide.

Polyurethane Non-Sag Sealant – Thick, non-sag polyurethane based repair material used to fill joints in horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces from 1/4” wide to 1/2” deep.

Polyurethane Self Leveling Sealant – Flowable polyurethane based material used to fill horizontal concrete cracks and joints from 1/4” wide to 1/2” deep.

Tips for using tube/bottle - concrete crack repair material:
Preparation is key to any project

  • Remove all loose and unstable concrete from the repair area.
  • Clean area free from dirt, dust and contaminants that could interfere with bonding.
  • Eliminate grease, oil, paint, sealer or any other foreign materials that will inhibit bond.
  • Follow material instructions for preparation, use and placement
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