Field Mix Material

Field Mix Material

Cement-based materials are the most prevalent materials used in the building industry. It is universal in thought but not in design. There are many different types and styles of cement-based materials available in pre-blended bag form and just as many or more ways to make mixes in the field.

The two most common mixes is concrete mix and mortar mix and for those who prefer field mixing over using the pre formulated bagged materials, Sakrete offers products you need:

All Purpose Gravel - Coarse aggregate used in custom concrete mixes

Mason Sand - A graded and washed sand used for field mixing custom/specialty mortar mixes when used along with masonry cement or portland lime combinations.

Masonry Cement - One of key components used to field mix mortar. Masonry Cement meets the specifications for ASTM C91. Available in Type S & N.

Portland Cement Type I/II - One of key components in making concrete and portland/lime mortars. When mixed with sand and coarse aggregate it produces concrete. When mixed with lime and mason sand it produces mortar.

Tips for field mixing materials:

  • Determine the strength the material should fully cure too.
  • Research and identify the correct field material and mixing proportions to achieve the need.
  • View the condition of the aggregate. Wet aggregate (sand and/or gravel) added in the field mix will not require as much water when mixing.
  • Over watered or extremely wet mixes will produce lower psi results when cured and will cause the surface to crack. Surface spalling and/or scaling can also be a result of too much water.
  • Follow material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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